Disc Mill

disc mill
disc mill
disc mill
disc mill

The Disc Mill is used for the very rapid, safe and efficient grinding of medium-hard, hard, brittle and tough materials. It is a very useful for sample preparation in laboratories and industrial plants.

Application Examples: Alloys, basalt, cement clinker, ceramics, chamotte, coal, coke, construction materials, feldspar, glass and various materials.

  • Electrical Motor: 4 hp, 400 rpm, 380 V, 3 p, 50 Hz
  • V Belt Drive
  • The discharge opening between the discs infinitely
  • Adjustable between : 0 – 10 mm
  • Feeding Size: < 15 mm*
  • Final Fineness: < 150- 250 μm
  • Crushing Capacity: up to 25 kg/h*

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Superior Innovation in Mining: Unal Lab Machinery’s Disc Mill

In the dynamic and demanding sector of mining, state-of-the-art machinery and advanced technology play a vital role. Unal Lab Machinery, a world-renowned pioneer in laboratory-type machine production for the mining sector, introduces one of its flagship products, the Disc Mill, taking mining efficiency to the next level.

The Disc Mill from Unal Lab Machinery is an embodiment of superior design, high efficiency, and remarkable durability. As a critical equipment in the mining sector, the Disc Mill’s design ensures optimized performance for crushing, grinding, and pulverizing a variety of mining materials.

What sets the Disc Mill by Unal Lab Machinery apart?

  1. Optimized Efficiency: Engineered to perfection, Unal’s Disc Mill delivers maximum grinding efficiency. This results in significantly reduced processing times, increasing the overall productivity and output in mining operations.
  2. Durability: Constructed with robust materials, the Disc Mill exhibits exceptional longevity. It stands the test of time, even under the most rigorous mining conditions.
  3. Versatility: Unal’s Disc Mill is adaptable to various mining materials. Whether it’s gold, silver, coal, or any other mining material, this machine delivers consistent, outstanding performance.
  4. Ease of Use and Maintenance: Its user-friendly design allows for effortless operation and routine maintenance, enhancing its overall utility in the mining environment.

The Unal Lab Machinery’s Disc Mill is a testimony to the company’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and quality. As a leader in mining machinery, Unal Lab’s state-of-the-art Disc Mill helps industries enhance productivity and streamline their operations.

With their continuous efforts in pioneering new machinery designs and constant updates to stay ahead, Unal Lab Machinery has created a niche in the global mining machinery sector. They aim to deliver products that are not only robust, reliable, and efficient but also fulfill their goal of sustainable mining.

If you’re looking for the best Disc Mill in the market, look no further than Unal Lab Machinery. Their commitment to providing top-tier products and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction has made them the go-to brand in the mining sector. Get in touch today to enhance your mining operations with Unal Lab Machinery’s Disc Mill.

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