Column Flotation Machine with Two Columns

column flotation machine with two columns
column flotation machine with two columns
  • Two columns are made of colorless transparent acrylic plexiglass circular pipes
  • Provided with a peristaltic pump with infinirely variable speed adjustment for precise pulp feeding.
  • Provided with a pressurized concentrate wash water system with a centrifugal water pump, water reservoir with float valve, pressure gauge, by pass valve and spray nozzles
  • Concentrate wash water ejected from the nozzle can be easily adjusted between 10-100 liter/hour by a flowmeter.
  • Pressurized air flow rate into air stones (for bubble generation) at the bottom of the columns can be easily adjustable between 2-25 liter/min by a precise air flow meter
  • A conical bottomed 50 liters capacity pulp supply tank, with infinitely variable speed controlled stirring electrical motor.The system is mounted on a steel chassis.

Diameter x Height of Columns:

  • Ø 50 mm x 1000 mm
  • Ø 70 mm x 1500 mm

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