Spray Painting Pilot Plant for Granular Materials

spray painting pilot plant for granular materials
spray painting pilot plant for granular materials

It is used to spray paint granular materials continuously.

Provided with a 20 lt capacity conical
bottomed tank, for paint preparation, with a mechanical propeller and stirring shaft made of AISI
304 stainless steel; driven by an electrical motor, 1 HP, 1400 rpm, 380 v, 3p , with an electronic motor speed contoller for infinitely variable speed between 0 – 1400 rpm. A 50 L feeding hopper and an electro-magnetic vibratory feeder to feed continuously granular material into a paint spraying cabinet with two nozzles, one belt conveyor for transferring material from the cabinet into one tiltable 50 L mixing stainles steel drum.

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